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Earthtech Industries provides landscaping design, maintenance and construction services to homeowners, businesses and homeowner associations in the greater Tacoma Seattle metro area of Pierce and King County.

Landscaping Design & Install

Earth Tech landscaping has on staff a trained and experienced Landscape Designer. Designing a new landscape requires several professional disciplines, including horticulture knowledge, construction expertise, drainage and irrigation expertise, as well as the need to have an extensive knowledge of design principles and how to incorporate them creatively in the overall plans.

We utilize one of the best landscape design program which gives you a professional-looking photo of your project before we install your landscapes. We provide you with a before and after photo of your home. You have a photo of your home with realistic looking plant material, so that you can make a good buying decision.

Our Landscape crews are trained how to properly install plant material so that shrubs, grass, trees, and flowers flourish and grow healthy. Our crews are skilled in equipment operations as well as pruning techniques.

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