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How to Choose A Commercial Contractor

What is your first step in hiring a commercial contractor? Typing 'commercial contractors' into Google and picking the first site you see? While that may help you find you a contractor, itís important to find the right contractor for you and your project.

What is a Commercial Contractor?
Your actual first step when looking for a commercial contractor is to know what they do. Seems pretty obvious, right? As the name suggests, a commercial contractor is a general contractor who specializes in commercial construction. However, unlike a residential contractor, a commercial builder works on projects such as builds and remodels of schools, corporate offices, restaurants, retail buildings and more.

Based on the needs of the project, a contractor will oversee all stages of construction sometimes including:

Supply Purchases
Building Codes adherence
Zoning Regulations

Does My Project Require a Commercial Contractor?
In many cases of commercial construction p... Read More

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