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Earth Tech Industries provides landscape maintenance services for commercial business parks, shopping plazas, banks grocery stores and more. Commercial Landscaping services include mowing, hard and soft edging, pruning, pesticide and fertilizer applications.

Business Plaza Landscaping Maintenance

Windows, graffiti, and abandoned vehicles. We report such things right away so Keeping the tenants happy and the Plaza full is job 1 and Earth Tech Landscaping is here to help.

We are quite aware of the importance of full capacity and with our professional Landscape Maintenance teams are more than capable of helping you achieve this. Clean properties bring customers in. We are pro active in keeping your Plaza clean and free of debris. Our crisp edges show tenants and customers that the ownership cares about them.

Our teams are trained to look for broken windows, abandoned vehicles and graffiti so that it can be taken care of immediately.

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Commercial Landscape Maintenance

At Earth Tech we believe that service is our most valuable product. And it all begins with listening to you. That’s why an operations manager is assigned to every site. We will implement a maintenance schedule, suggest ways to enhance your community’s value and appearance, and discuss your future needs.

The lines of communication are always open. We’re only a phone call away. Services include mowing, hard and soft edging, pruning, pesticide and fertilizer applications. We have experts in plant identification, soil analysis, and plant disease.

It is our goal to maintain your property in excellent condition on a year round basis. In order to facilitate this goal, we provide all equipment, labor, materials and supervision of workforce required to execute all contract specifications.

We have on staff a Property Inspector that visits our contracts on an on going basis. He checks for grass color and health, lawn weeds, plant disease, pest infestation, detailing on beds, and crispness of edges, to name only a few.

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Condominium Association Landscaping Maintenance

Earth Tech Landscaping maintains numerous Condominium Associations in the Greater Puget Sound area.

We work diligently with the ownership to provide individual service because we understand that each unit is privately owned and each owner has their specific cares and concerns.

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Homeowner Associations (HOA's)

Earth Tech Landscaping has a wide variety of Home Owner Associations we work with. We maintain properties with ten homes and properties that have homes in the thousands. We not only deal with Property Managers but the HOA Board of Directors as well.

We encourage Board participation in the landscaping maintenance because we do not personally live in your community but take personal pride in its overall look. We have helped many HOA’s beautify the common areas so that the residents too must tend to their yards as well.

It is much easier to hold others accountable if we ourselves are accountable as well.

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